Saturday, November 7, 2009

Autumn Harvest

As winter begins to settle in we are bringing in the last of summer's harvest and packing things away for the winter. This is my favorite time of year to cook up lots of yummies for now and to preserve the food for later. Thanksgiving can't come soon enough!

Naturally we start with Dessert first. Doesn't everyone? Look at these fabulous little treats, cute and seasonal. And Lollidreams description makes my mouth water. You deserve a little treat every now and again, so make it a really good treat!

And for serving up the goods? Colorful beaded utensils like these from BrightSpotDesign are useful and *sparkly* which is always good. No worries about having matching flat wear, these will go with anything.

What about serving up those luscious foods? Pass this lovely bowl, heaped high with your favorite seasonal creation. DancingDolphinPotter has created this wonderful handthrown bowl for fall. The stonewear is perfect for durability and to hold warmth, home made food deserves home made containers!

Last but not least we have an entirely unedible item, but this yarn from TheUrchiness has all the lovely tones of fresh fall foods! Perhaps it could be made into culinary knits, placemats? Tea cozy? Pumpkin cover? This handspun wool in fabulous varigated colors would be great for wearables too of course, or you can just sit around and stroke the fluffy softness...

The goodness of fall is all around, and these great handmade goods just make it better. Be sure to support these and other crafters this Autumn.


Bria said...

Aw, thank you for including my yarn in your awesome little collection! Every single one of those items makes me want to eat some yummy winter soup. :)

Dancing Dolphin Pottery said...

These are all warm and cozy Autumn picks and I'm honored that you've chosen to include my Harvest Sunrise ceramic bowl. Thank you, Pinkilious!

JNpottery said...

Love the pottery boost! I love autumn and all of the fall colors.
Thanks for a good blog post.