Friday, October 23, 2009

Craft Disaster or just Un-hygenic?

This was a recent find at a church sale, and why did my mother buy it? To prevent it from falling in to hands of someone who might actually *make* it. (shudder) I beg of you people, sanitary bathrooms do not have fru-fru toilet covers (also known as germ breeding grounds). And far more important, if you have the time and yarn laying around to make things like shag rugs with matching curtain ties and TP roll covers, well there are better things to do with your life.

Here is a short list of things you could do with a crochet hook and pounds of acrylic yarn...
1. Make blankets or cloths for charities that serve the homeless, children, shelter animals etc..
2. Make everyone you know a tea cozy. Great Winter gifts for everyone on your list, and slightly more likely to be used than a tissuebox cover.
3. go yarn bombing, is knit-fitti useful? Maybe not, but at least the evidence of your craft obbsession isn't cluttering up your bathroom.
4. Make a life sized stuffed animal. At least it makes for a conversation piece. And your heirs might actually want it.
5. Crochet a car cover. Just as rediculous as a tank cover, but it's outside for everyone to see how nuts you are...

So in review, if you find your self getting the urge to make matching bath mats, check the list and see if there isn't anything else for you to do with that yarn!


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