Friday, February 20, 2009

Sweet Potatoes!

Ah yes, that hearty delicious healthful tuber. Bright in color and taste, bold in flavor, staple food of the tropics. You'ld think I'd get sick of them after peeling cooking and mashing 16lb. per week for more then a year (for Watercourse Bakery's famous Sweet Potato Cinnamon Roll, it's got veggies in it, it's good for you...). But no, these wonders of the plant world continue to enchant.

HIP TIP #1: Poke the potato with a fork several times before microwaving. Seriously.
After about 1.5 minutes I heard a great big BAM! and I peered into the micro to a split open potato making circles on the edge of the plate, and a sniper like splatter.

HIP TIP #2 : After poking the potato and replacing it till fully cooked, you can peel the skin off just like a banana. then you can walk around munching a large orange blob and get funny looks from your housemates.